Our Why

The Ski Bum difference

Ski Bum Coffee Co emerged from the snowy slopes, where a few avid skiers and coffee enthusiasts, discovered their shared passion for both winter sports and the perfect cup of coffee. Inspired by their love for the mountains and the cozy warmth of a well-brewed coffee, they decided to combine their interests and create Ski Bum Coffee Co. Their vision was to establish a coffee brand that not only embraced the adventurous spirit of ski culture but also delivered exceptional coffee that could fuel outdoor enthusiasts during their alpine pursuits.

With a commitment to quality, sustainability, and a genuine connection to the skiing (and snowboarding) community to set Ski Bum Coffee Co apart. Our expert artisans carefully source beans to craft blends inspired by alpine landscapes, Ski Bum Coffee Co became more than just a beverage provider—it became a symbol of the mountain lifestyle. Today, the company continues to thrive, attracting coffee connoisseurs and ski enthusiasts who appreciate the perfect blend of adventure and flavor that Ski Bum Coffee Co brings to their cups.

Ski Bum Coffee Co takes pride in delivering an elevated coffee experience right to your doorstep. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our process—once our specialty-grade coffee is roasted, it is promptly shipped directly to you. By bypassing the conventional retail shelf, we ensure that your coffee is never left languishing, guaranteeing the freshest and most robust flavors possible. This commitment to freshness means that every sip of Ski Bum Coffee is a journey through the vibrant notes and nuanced profiles carefully preserved from the moment of roasting to your first pour. Embrace the unparalleled taste of coffee that is never compromised, as we believe in bringing the best possible brew directly to you.

Ski Bum Coffee Co is a direct-to-consumer coffee brand where customers can easily order their favorite blends online, which are then freshly roasted and promptly shipped to their doorstep, allowing them to indulge in a delightful coffee experience from the comfort of their own homes. With our mantra of "Order, Roast, Ship... Sip," we prioritize convenience and quality, offering specialty-grade coffee without the need for a brick and mortar location at this time.


Meet Frank

Meet Frank, the passionate owner behind Ski Bum Coffee Co, whose love affair with skiing began at the tender age of three in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. His parents, avid skiers themselves, fostered his enthusiasm by taking him on ski trips with their college friends, where he eagerly donned his numbered bib and embarked on his first lessons at ski school. As Frank grew up, he explored the slopes of smaller ski resorts scattered throughout the Midwest, honing his skills and cultivating a deep appreciation for the sport. As an adult, Frank seized every opportunity to indulge his passion for skiing, embarking on adventurous escapades across the US and Canadian Rocky Mountains. His unwavering devotion to the slopes even extends to his workspace, adorned with an "I'd rather be skiing" bumper sticker.

Driven by his dual passions for high-quality specialty-grade coffee and the thrill of alpine adventures, Frank founded Ski Bum Coffee Co as a means to blend these two loves into a single pursuit. With every sip of Ski Bum Coffee, Frank invites fellow adventurers to embrace the exhilaration of the slopes and the richness of meticulously crafted coffee, uniting the essence of exploration and the warmth of community in every cup.



At Ski Bum Coffee Co, we are deeply committed to supporting sustainable farming. Our roastery sources our coffee from farmers who use environmentally friendly practices, ensuring the longevity of their land and the health of the ecosystems their farms are part of. When we say our coffee is 'ethically sourced', it means we ensure that our coffee is produced under fair working conditions and farmers are paid a fair wage. This not only helps to support the communities where we source our coffee from but also contributes to the quality of our coffee.


Giving Back

Ski Bum Coffee Co not only brings the joy of alpine flavors to coffee cups but also champions a cause close to the hearts of winter sports enthusiasts. As part of their commitment to environmental stewardship, Ski Bum Coffee Co has established an initiative that allows customers to make a positive impact with every purchase to "Protect Our Winters," a nonprofit organization dedicated to addressing climate change and preserving winter sports communities, Ski Bum Coffee Co enables customers to contribute to the cause effortlessly. With each bag of coffee or cup enjoyed, patrons have the option to make a donation, supporting initiatives that safeguard the winter landscapes that inspire their love for skiing. This thoughtful integration of coffee and activism not only enhances the Ski Bum Coffee Co experience but also empowers customers to be stewards of the environment they cherish.

See you on the slopes, and stay caffeinated.